CBA Hitting Curriculum

The hitting curriculum for Charleston Baseball Academy is divided into a four lesson program designed to teach the hitter the techniques of hitting, which include the stance, swing and bat control. Each session is designed for the age level, skill level and knowledge level of the individual hitter. instructors will attempt to accomplish the objectives of each lesson before moving on to the next level. the hitter will be taught a new technique, drill or skill level in each succeeding lesson. Drills to enable the hitter to master each technique will be taught and the instructor will encourage the hitter to practice these drills on his/her own time. The instructor will provide positive feedback and give frequent reports to the hitter and the parents on techniques that need to be mastered. When the sessions are completed, the instructor may or may not recommend the additional lesson packages for the hitter. This will depend upon the age, skill level of the hitter and the intentions of the individual hitter.

Coach Finlaw


Individual Workouts:

Individual workouts are 1/2 hour sessions that are one-on-one with an instructor and are available Monday through Saturday. Individual workouts may consist of pitching, hitting, fielding, throwing, catching, or strength/agility. You may purchase our “Basic” program each time or you have the option of buying one of our programs as a package deal. Please call to check the availability of our instructors.


Group Lessons:
Group Lessons are offered with a three player minimum. This lessons allows each player to save money while still receiving quality individual attention. Group lessons are $25 a player for a 45 minute lesson.

CBA House Calls:
House calls involve at least one instructor coming to your practice, field, or complex to work with your team. Please call for more details.

Team Rentals:
Team rentals are $10.00 per player, with a 8 player minimum per team. This includes the use of batting tees, a pitching tunnel, practice infield and one Iron Mike Machine batting cage for one hour. You also have the option of including an instructor during this visit for $15 per player.

CBA Policies:
There are a few important policies to remember in regards to scheduling a workout with us:
· Double lesson packages must be completed within 30 days of purchasing.
· Triple lesson packages must be completed within 60 days of purchasing.
· All lessons must be paid in full prior to the start of your first scheduled lesson.
· All cancellations require 24 hours notice or you WILL be charged for that lesson.
· All customers must sign a copy of the rules and regulations prior to beginning lessons

Have Questions?
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